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Thousands of years ago on the fertile land watered by the Indus River and its offshoots positioned the Indus Valley and thus the term 'India' is originated from the river Indus. The vast territory of India has been nestled neighboring to Nepal, Bhutan and China on the North, Pakistan on the Northwest, Bangladesh and Myanmar on the East and Indian Ocean is on the south. India is the seventh largest country in the world covering an area of 3,287,263 square kilo meters. With a huge population of 1,05,10,00,000, India is the second most densely inhabited country. The land of India is exceptionally rich in its religious and cultural heritage. It is in fact out of one's imagination, which is truly a tantamount of religious and cultural diversities (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity are the components of Indian religion), rich flora and fauna, architecture, forts, rivers, pristine, snow capped mountain peaks, imperial inheritance, exotic cuisine, arts; cinema world, classical music, folk dance, folklore, myths and so on.

The lively bazaars, ornate architecture and the something puzzling customs of Indian make any visit a refreshing from western life. Endowed with a backdrop of that can be anything from snow-capped mountain to palm-lined beach, Indian rarely fails to delight adventurous travelers. India is considered to be rich cultural melting pot with its colorful festivals of all religion and people, blending well with magnificent landscape of historical cities, jungle, valleys, arid desert to high beautiful Himalayan peaks which makes it a traveler's destination from sand, sea to snow.

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