HG Everest Expedition

Event Date: 2013-05-23

H.G.Everest Expedition 2013 team has been successful to scale Mt. Everest

The following Members and High Altitude Workers of H.G. Everest Expedition 2013 team have been successful to scale 8,848 meter high Mt. Everest from Normal Route:

S.No.Name  CapacityNationalitySummit Date
01Mr. Timothy  John MosedaleLeaderBritish2013.05.13
02Ms. Ilina ArsovaMemberMacedonian2013.05.23
03Mr. Steve WyattMemberAustralian2013.05.23
04Mr. Kenton Edward CoolMemberBritish2013.05.19
05Mr. William Charles CrouseMemberAmerican2013.05.19
06Mr. Jonathan Christian GuptaMemberBritish2013.05.19
07Mr. Hemant SachdevMemberIndian2013.05.19
08Mr. Melvyn ProudlockMemberBritish2013.05.13
09Mr. Adam Stephen BoothMemberBritish2013.05.13
10Mr. Jan Mark Philipp PetzelMemberDeutsch2013.05.13
11Mr. Pasang Dawa SherpaHASNepali2013.05.19
12Mr. Dorjee Gyaljen SherpaHASNepali2013.05.19
13Mr. Kaljang Dorjee SherpaHASNepali2013.05.19
14Mr. Chhewang Dorjee SherpaHASNepali2013.05.19
15Mr. Chhyang Jyabu BhoteHASNepali2013.05.19
16Mr. Pasang Dawa SherpaHASNepali2013.05.13
17Mr. Lhakpa Wanchhu SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.13
18Mr.Lhakpa Chhiri SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.13
19Mr. Chheten Dorjee SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.13
20Mr. Kaji SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.13

Ms. Ilina Arsova, the member of HG Everest Expedition 2013 team became the first Macedonian lady to scale 8,848 meter high Mt. Everest.

Himalayan Guides Nepal family congratulates them for their success.

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