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Nepal has earned a great fame as one of the best destination for White-Water Rafting in the world. Nepal has a pride to be the home to some of the best white-water rafting in the globe. The thundering water out-thrown from the glaciers of the mighty Himalayas provides unmatched thrills for rafting and immersing oneself in the landscape. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up an extreme excitement in one's lifetime. The trip in the rivers of Nepal with the combination of mountain scenery, rich cultural and religious heritage and white-sand beaches will be really worthy and exciting. Even beginners can joyfully complete the raft grading from 1-4 together with our experienced rafting guides, assistants and well maintained equipment. Throughout the rafting course, we are accompanied by well trained and experienced guides, rescue team and other staffs. Actually our major concentration goes to safety with personal care of our valued guests during rafts and for safety issue we always grant at least two kayakers in the river around the rafts.

The best time for rafting in Nepal is from October through November and March through early May. In winter hypothermia may be hindrance to some.

The day in the river begins early morning soon after breakfast. Instructions on safety and emergency situation are given to participants before starting the raft. Life jackets and helmets are to be worn by participants at all times during the trip. We provide meals and accommodation at tented camps to our guests.

So far the government has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting, we lead some of popular River Trips as follow.

Trishuli River

Trisuli River is one of the most popular rafting rivers in Nepal; this is because it offers an easy access from Katmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara as well. Amazing scenic valleys, impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and...

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Bhote Koshi River

The name of Bhotekoshi River has been derived from Bhot; 'Bhot' means Tibet and Koshi means 'River', the Nepalese old generation still call Tibet as 'Bhot'. The source of Bhotekoshi River is Himalayas and...

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Kaligandaki River

Rising from Upper Mustang, the Kaligandaki River derived from the name of Hindu goddess for destruction, Kali. The Kaligandaki is on the northern side of the Himalayan range...

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Marsyangdi River

Nepal government has recently opened Marsyangdi River for commercial rafting. The local tongue truly describes the Marsyangdi as 'raging river', and is the best white-water runs on the planets...

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