Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition Mt. Everest

Event Date: 2013-05-21

Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2013 team has been successful to scale Mt. Everest

The following Members and High Altitude Workers of Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2013 team have been successful to scale 8,848 meter high Mt. Everest from Normal Route:

S.No.Name  CapacityNationalitySummit Date
01Mr. Dean Douglas StaplesLeaderNew Zealand2013.05.21
02Mr. Dean Michael Harold HallMemberNew Zealand2013.05.21
03Mr. Simon Thomas GowerMemberAustralian2013.05.21
04Mr. Ingolfur Gier GissurarsonMemberIceland2013.05.21
05Mr. Josef HochheisterMemberAustrian2013.05.21
06Mr. Thomas Ola StromstedtMemberSwedish2013.05.21
07Mr. Philip Cason Crane MemberAmerican2013.05.21
08Mr. Lukas HochmeisterMemberAustrian2013.05.21
09Lydia BradeyAssistant GuideNew Zealand2013.05.21
10Mr. Mark Whetu TwizelMemberNew Zealand2013.05.20
11Mr. Micheal John RobertsMemberNew Zealand2013.05.19
12Mr. Da Zangbu Sherpa           HAWNepali2013.05.21
13Mr. Sange Dorjee SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
14Mr. Pemba Chhoti SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
15Mr. Kami Rita SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
16Mr. Phurtemba SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
17Mr. Phurba Chhoter SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
18Mr. Phurba Tenji SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
19Mr. Datuk BhoteHAWNepali2013.05.21
20Mr. Ang Gelu Sherpa HAWNepali2013.05.21
21Mr. Ang Ngwang Sherpa   HAWNepali2013.05.21
22Mr. Kaji SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
23Mr. Mingmar SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
24Mr. Dendi SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
25Mr. Phurba Ongyal SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
26Mr.Chhewang SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
27Mr. Rinji SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
28Mr. Lhakpa SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
29Mr.  Chhuldim SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.21
30Mr. Lhakpar Dorjee SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.20
31Mr. Ang Phurba SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.20
32Mr. Namgyal SherpaHAWNepal2013.05.20
33Mr. Passang BhoteHAWNepali2013.05.20
34Mr. Tendi SherpaHAWNepali2013.05.19

The above mentioned Expedition team comprising of 14 members was permitted to climb 8,848m. high Mt. Everest from Normal Route for the period of 75 days from March 31, 2013 under the leadership of Mr. Dean Douglas Staples of New Zealand.

Himalayan Guides Nepal family congratulates them for their success.


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